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Courses are limited in duration and, with the exception of the Reading Intensive, are not designed exclusively for students with literacy-related challenges. However, as a nationally certified academic language therapist, the expertise is available for both reading-challenged students and typical readers.

Upcoming Courses

Reading Intensive

The Reading Intensive is specifically designed for students in middle and high school who are not reading at expected levels of fluency and/or accuracy. This may be students with mild dyslexia or dyslexia that has been remediated but the student is still not reading fluently at grade level. It is also an effective method for students who are not dyslexic, but whose accuracy and fluency lag grade-level expectations. Students must currently be reading at the third-grade level or above for this course. A free screening will be offered to ensure proper placement.

The Reading Intensive course is a 20 session course usually taught over five weeks (Monday-Thursday). The first 12 lessons are 50 minutes to an hour in length. The final eight lessons are 75-90 minutes long depending upon the group.

This is a small group intensive with the group size limited to three students. Ideally, this course would be a middle school small group or a high school small group. However, if interest drives other groupings, I would keep the age range in mind. I would not put a 6th grader with a junior, but 8th and 9th graders would work well together.

Next course offering: Please contact the READ Center if you are interested.

Tuition: $650

Contact: Tammy at for more information or to register.

Academic Book Clubs

Academic Book Clubs feel more like a neighborhood book club, but also entail academic skills instruction that includes decoding and fluency, vocabulary, inferencing, executive functioning, and much more.

Book clubs are organized by age. Elementary age books clubs may include one to two grade levels. Older students may be in groups that include one to three grade levels. Book clubs will consist of three to six students.

The duration of the book clubs varies by the book, age, and season.

Next course offering: None scheduled. If interested please  email me at

Tuition: Varies

More to come...

If there is a literacy-related course (spelling, cursive, grammar, a specific book study, etc) you would like offered, please contact me at

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