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COVID Considerations

  • In-Person or On-line

    • The READ Center is currently offering families the choice between receiving instruction in person or online.

    • Families may change their preferred method as situations change.

    • The READ Center reserves the right to change offerings based on evolving conditions.

  • On-line

    • Students will need access to a computer/laptop/tablet with a good internet connection

      • A cell phone is not adequate

      • Chrome books may be used but are discouraged. They are sometimes limited in how they access the interactive parts of the online program

    • Headphones with a microphone are not required but do provide for a better learning experience.

    • A document camera is ideal for sharing writing (spelling, writing, dictation). If you think online will be your primary learning choice, I highly recommend one so that your child gets the most out of their lessons. (I bought a HUE brand from Amazon for under $70.) If online is only going to be occasional like for snow days, a camera is not necessary.

  • In-Person

    • Your child must pass the health precautions.

    • If your child does not meet the health requirements but feels well enough for a lesson, we will do them online until such a time as they are able to come back in person.

    • If I do not meet the health requirements, lessons will move online until such a time as I am able to meet the health requirements.

    • For the time being, the waiting room will be closed except for dropping off and picking up your child. I request older, responsible children to be sent in on their own.

    • Masks MUST be worn at all times in the center.

    • Students will use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom. There may be times mid-lesson I ask them to reapply sanitizer. If your child has a sensitivity and needs a specific hand sanitizer, I ask that you supply it.

    • I will be sanitizing surfaces between students. I am also increasing my supplies so that there is less sharing of items we touch during lessons. 

    • I believe that interacting in person is an act of great trust. Please honor that trust with me and know that I will honor it with you.

Health Screening Questions

1. Has the child had contact with anyone that you know has been diagnosed with COVID-19? Contact is defined as being within 6 feet (2 meters) for more than 15 minutes with a person, or having direct contact with infectious fluids from a person with confirmed COVID-19 (for example being coughed or sneezed on).

2. Has the child had a positive-COVID test for active virus in the past 10 days?


3. Does your child have of these symptoms that you cannot attribute to another condition? • Fever or chills • Cough • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Fatigue • Muscle or body aches • Headache • Recent onset of loss of taste or smell • Sore throat • Congestion • Nausea or vomiting • Diarrhea

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