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The primary evaluation I perform is a literacy skills evaluation that can identify if a student matches a profile of dyslexia. This series of tests assesses the characteristics of dyslexia and underlying causal factors. (A medical-coded official diagnosis requires additional cognitive testing given by a psychologist.)


The battery of tests includes assessments of reading and writing skills, oral language skills, and phonological processing. This battery helps identify strengths and weaknesses in written language skills and compares those with the student's oral language skills. The phonological processing assessment looks at the underlying causes of dyslexia: phonological awareness, phonological memory, and rapid automatic naming. 


The evaluation process involves a student background survey, one to two testing sessions, and a parent meeting to discuss the results. You will leave the meeting with a copy of the report and test results. The report can be used to drive intervention instruction, shared with the student's school, or provide information if full cognitive testing is pursued.

Cost: $650

Literacy Evaluations

Other Evaluations

Academic Achievement Assessment

The academic achievement assessment includes many of the tests from the literacy skills battery with the addition of math assessments. This package does not include the phonological processing testing which identifies the underlying causes for dyslexia. It, therefore, cannot be used alone to develop a profile of dyslexia. It includes reading and writing skills, basic oral language skills, and math skills.

Cost: $650

Comprehensive Academic Package

The comprehensive academic package includes all the tests of the literacy skills evaluation and additional math testing. The additional math tests assess math fluency, computation, and problem-solving. 

Cost: $750


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